This is once again a Unique Product available with MATHA. Get your Large Format Posters printed with us for your Special needs. They all are created by taking special care but are also given special effects and creativity. We print Large format Posters of various sizes ranging from 4X6 size to 24X36 size. Seeing is only believing and your initial small order will bring you back once again to order for the same.

Photo Posters

Photo posters for instance required by your client for his personal usage in Office, Home, or any other Professional areas like Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, etc., is a very big tool to display themselves or their products or services. A colorful Poster designed and printed at MATHA, adds value to its existence and serves the purposes of larger than life.


Photo Large Formats

It's time to print BIG. The larger the size bolder is your communication. It speaks of volume, and grandeur and is a very strong message to any on-looker. To achieve the best large format printing results, we've combined The World’s First 1 Large Format Printer with Aqueous Pigment Fluorescent Ink with the Canon image PROGRAF printer. This duo gives you a wide range of tonal gradations with a 10-ink set. colors including green and orange inks. The Print Quality of Large Format Prints Pro is far apart from that of any other. We can Print on 265 GSM Paper and are available in a variety of sizes.