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Foil is used in a wide array of applications – from high-end retail packaging for beauty and health products, as well as the Spirits industry. Additionally, the foil is commonly used on invitation cards, visiting cards, greeting cards, photo books, booklet covers, stationery, promotional material, custom business stationery and certificates. It’s notorious for adding a touch of luxury and prestige to the final product. In the past – larger volumes were needed for the addition of foil to a project to justify the costs associated with make-readies and the foiling dies required to apply the foil to the printed piece. Printers everywhere laugh at the request for one-off prints to “see how it’s going to look”…simple but – it’s not been cost-effective. One of the biggest opportunities our new Foil system offers is the ability to add foil to any run length – even as low as one. Additionally, with a PDF-based workflow system in place, variable data print projects can integrate unique foil patterns on each and every sheet – leaving audiences to truly feel like they’re a part of a luxurious experience.

By using foil printing, you'll associate your print project with higher-quality pieces, instead of the opposite, similar products that gather dust on the shelf. It feels prestigious, it looks luxurious and it’ll immediately be associated with a premium brand.