Scodix Metalic | Hyderabad


Scodix Metallic permits you to improve prints with metallic shading by basically using the CMYK shading procedure of Scodix SENSE™. The advanced one-pass print process disposes of the need to send print out for hot foil stepping. With the substantial Scodix Metallic Colors, clients won't simply observe your work yet will feel it as well. You can accomplish an assortment of one of a kind metallic hues with shocking outcomes, contingent upon your inclination.

  • Upgrade computerized prints with metallic shading
  • Using CMYK shading procedure and Scodix SENSE™ – no requirement for extra HW or SW
  • Boundless number of metallic hues in a single print pass
  • Financially savvy, simple to use, in-house answer for foil stepping
  • Short run – as low as one-duplicate.