Scodix Glitter | Sparkle Embossing | Hyderabad


The patent-pending Scodix Rainbow™ is that the world's first in-house computerized inkjet sparkling station that delivers the Scodix Digital-Glittering™ experience. The Scodix Rainbow™ prints sparkle on chosen territories, making a shimmering, glossy experience that acquires the style of sparkle realistic correspondences to computerized printing. Rainbow cloud To ensure you're providing precisely what's required, your clients and architects can verification the Scodix Rainbow™ even before the print is framed , by survey it on a screen utilizing Scodix SPARK™, an obsessive programming for Digital-Glittering sneak peak. The Scodix SPARK is intended to help applications like photograph collections, invitation cards, greeting cards, visiting cards, personalized prints and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The Scodix Digital-Glittering is really an empowering innovation