Scodix Spot | Embossing | Hyderabad

In order to succeed in an industry that demands innovation and differentiation, Scodix offers a digital solution to all your design challenges, enabling increased responsiveness while ensuring the highest quality. With the Scodix Digital Enhancement Presses, powered by Scodix Spot™ you can differentiate your work and designs from everyone else in the game.

Make your creations stand out, and literally bring your work to life with the enhancements that we have to offer. The digital technology means you can create a proof and view it in seconds, before progressing to production – regardless of whether you are producing short or long runs. Digital means less time wasted, less expense and improved productivity and profitability.

Now you can ensure that each and every creation you produce brings something new and desirable to the table, or you can refresh your older pieces with exciting new additions. Add glitter, shine, raised elements, different textures, metallic colors or just expand your audience base to those who are sight-impaired with Braille. If you can envision it, we can help you create it.

HOW DO WE DO IT? Setting up the artwork for Scodix digital enhancement is straightforward. You can still prepare artwork in your preferred design software. All would really like you to wish you would like is a further separation to act as a mask for all the areas that you simply would like to reinforce on your artwork.

HIGH GLOSS AND VARIABLE DENSITIES In conventional processes, embossing requires two thermal laminations velvet or matt after the printing. With Scodix SENSE, you'll easily produce these valuable effects in one pass.

  • 99 Gloss Units (GU), the very best gloss available for printed materials
  • Up to 250 microns in polymer height, 100 times above selective varnish
  • Variable density capabilities ranging from 1% to 100%
  • Scodix "focal point impact", making hues stick out.